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Helping your team deliver on critical enrollment goals.

Admission and enrollment efforts require campus-wide support. But higher education admissions counselors, staff and faculty often don’t get the training they need to make an impact.

That’s where we come in.

We offer professional development workshops that support recruitment, yield and brand building. Our programs can help improve your team’s effectiveness, enrollment and staff retention.

Don’t just send a couple team members to a conference. We’ll come to you and the entire team will benefit — boosting enrollment, collaboration and communication skills.

Meet Paskill Academy

Paskill Academy is an admissions training offering. It’s developed by enrollment consultants at Paskill,
the higher education
marketing agency.

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Here’s what our higher ed clients say:

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“The workshop provided my team with some new perspective and techniques to improve engagement with prospective students and their families. Not only did Dana bring knowledge and concrete techniques to improve interactions, she was able to read the personalities of the staff very quickly. The day after the training, each of my staff selected three new techniques they were going to work on. They loved having solid ideas to implement.

The content, manner of presentation, and the real-world applications are excellent. We are ready for the enrollment challenges ahead!”

Sally Ruback
Enrollment Comm & Recruitment Manager, Moraine Park Technical College

Explore our enrollment development and marketing workshops.

Admissions professional development

We can help you turn “interest” into “enrollment.” Our workshops are designed to help higher ed admissions counselors build stronger relationships with prospective students and families and improve their academic sales skills.

More engaged applicants + better conversion tactics = improved enrollment outcomes.

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Student Recruitment Workshop

Two-day recruitment and prospect management training

Maximize the potential of your admissions team by helping them build better relationships with prospective students, communicate more effectively and motivate prospects to take action.

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Yield Boot Camp

Two-day workshop on converting applicants and admitted students

Increase your admissions team’s yield rates by helping them engage with stealth applicants, overcome barriers to enrollment and turn applicants into new students.

Coming soon: Paskill Academy eLearning.

Level up your team with trainings they can complete anywhere. Paskill Academy’s online admissions curriculum will include on-demand eLearning lessons and virtual workshops. Each eLearning lesson builds on the competencies of the one before to help your team become more effective recruiters.

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Tap into our higher ed experts.

Unlock new insights on today’s hottest higher ed topics. Hire us to speak to your leadership team, staff or other audiences about AI, branding, DEI&B and more.

Meet our team.

Dave Black
Dave Black
VP, Market Research and Consulting

Dave’s background in enrollment marketing is informed by over 35 years in the industry – working with hundreds of colleges and universities. He brings this wealth of knowledge to every workshop and interaction with recruiting teams. Dave approaches workshops by encouraging teams to get better at meeting prospects’ needs and expectations. He challenges colleges and universities to continuously improve on and integrate new and different initiatives. Following a workshop led by Dave, recruiters are empowered and excited to try new tactics and techniques to move the needle on their enrollment.

Dave is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University and holds an M.B.A. from Western New England University.

Dave lives outside of Wilmington, NC and enjoys running and spending time with his four grown children. In his spare time, he has also been known to conduct local brewery exploration.

Dana Evans Amberge
Dana Evans Amberge
Senior Consultant, Enrollment Management and Marketing

Dana is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience. With over 30 years in higher education, she brings insights and expertise from work with a wide range of clients and institutions. She is passionate about helping teams connect and engage with prospective students and parents in meaningful ways to better meet their needs. Dana understands that to get different results, teams need to try new things and explore tactics and techniques outside their comfort zones. As a workshop leader, she enjoys making this fun – not intimidating.

Prior to Paskill, Dana had an extensive career at various colleges, including serving as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. She is graduate of Furman University.

Dana lives in Cornelius, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, gardening and boating on the lake.

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